The first moment I smelt dōTERRA's peppermint oil I swear I had a mini 'Spiritual Awakening'. I knew I had something completely pure and special in my hands.... the word that comes to mind is 'clarity'. My sister affectionately calls me "the sniffer dog" - my sense of smell is very delicate and I have always been allergic to any kind of toxic fragrance. Here was something I could anoint myself and my children with, smell divine and FEEL better in the process. 

dōTERRA's commitment to purity means that we can be confident in using oils on our sensitive selves and on our loved ones and little ones.


dōTERRA has the most tested and trusted essential oils on the planet and are also paving the way with new science to support how incredibly powerful these precious gifts of the earth are.

Read all about our testing processes here and watch the safety video here.

Co-impact sourcing

dōTERRA's unique co-impact sourcing model, direct from the farmer to the factory means that the oils are unadulterated by middle men which is an important aspect to maintaining and improving health using oils.


More importantly, this provides jobs, income, pride, growth and  resources to the communities that need it most.


The consumer benefits by using these incredible products and in purchasing from doTERRA you are participating in a global cycle of abundance that benefits the welfare of the environment and its people.

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Caring for people

This is a company with a huge heart.


More than half of the countries oils are sourced from are developing nations. dōTERRA's Healing Hands initiatives give back to those most in need. Days For Girls - education programs for feminine hygiene, O.U.R. Rescue - helping to end child sex trafficking, building schools, health care facilities, providing clean water sources - these are but a few of the MANY ways that dōTERRA are giving back.  

​Caring for mother earth

The plant matter is gathered from all over the globe where plants thrive natively or produce the specific chemistry profile desired by dōTERRA AND where there is a community that could benefit by being the farmers. This is a key factor in what makes dōTERRA oils unique as over 90% of the growers have chosen to partner exclusively with dōTERRA. Across the globe dōTERRA has committed to looking after their sources and ensuring a sustainable future for all of the plants sources and their growers. 

Our global botanical network


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