Starter Packs

The most cost effective way to start out is to purchase a Starter Pack.

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Family Health

Family Essentials Kit - $211

The top ten oils in 5ml bottles, 15ml Smart and Sassy plus a carrier oil

The Home Essentials Kit - $379
The top ten oils in 15ml bottles, an ultrasonic diffuser with 12 hour setting plus a carrier oil
Read how to use these oils HERE
Nature's Solutions Kit - $700

Everything you need to care for your home and family using natural solutions. This kit comes with amazing savings and bonuses. 

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Emotional Balance

Emotional Aromatherapy Starter Pack - $310
These smell AMAZING. Custom blends for targeted emotional support plus a diffuser.
Emotional Wellness Starter Pack - $336
ADAPTIV, Elevation, Balance, Citrus Bliss and Lavender Peace. My go to blends for lifting low mood, managing stress and supporting sleep, plus a diffuser. 
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Wellness Boxes

Active Sports                 $211

Gourmet Cooking        $272

Seasonal Essentials      $273

Bedtime Bliss                $188

Read all about them HERE


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