Here are some easy practical ways to use our top 10 oils


The following ideas are in no way intended to be substitutes for professional medical advice nor are they intended to cure any disease. Please always seek the advice of your health professional before using essential oils and read the safety info on this website. These statements have not been evaluated by any food or drug administration. 

Lemon ideas

  1. Layer over an irritated throat with Frankincense or add a drop with Frankincense to honey.

  2. Add a few drops to cotton balls and leave in stinky shoes or any way you want to eliminate bad smells.

  3. Diffuse with Peppermint at your desk to keep you on task.

  4. Add a couple of drops to the rinse section of your dishwasher for sparkling dishes - Lemon is an amazing degreaser.

  5. Remove sticky labels - add a few drops to the label, wait and voila!

  6. Diffuse with Lavender and Peppermint for  seasonal support.

  7. Make a non toxic furniture polish using lemon or wild orange: 30 drops, 1/2 c olive oil, 1/2 c vinegar and shake well before use.

  8. Diffuse to eliminate odours and cleanse the air.

  9. Add a drop to your water in the morning.

  10. Add 8 drops to a 500ml bottle with 1/4 cup white vinegar and top with water for a great glass cleaner.

  11. Send your kids off to school with a drop of lemon - it may assist with focus.


Peppermint ideas

  1. Add to your favourite chocolate baking dish (3-4 drops to one brownie), yum!

  2. Freshen up your breath by adding a drop to water, swish and spit or get some Peppermint beadlets to replace your mints.

  3. Cool down by adding a few drops to a glass spray bottle, chill in the fridge and mist over your hot bod (close eyes if doing the face!).

  4. Foot soak: a few drops, some Epsom salts into a basin and enjoy.

  5. Ease tension by applying to the neck and forehead, lovely with Lavender.

  6. For a soothing effect on your tummy, add a drop to Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) and rub clockwise into your stomach.

  7. Energise your afternoon with a drop of Peppermint inhaled from your hands and ditch that second coffee!

  8. Diffuse with wild orange to lift your mood.


Easy Air ideas

  1. Support the respiratory system and sleep easy by diffusing next to your bed at night. You can add to this with a drop of Oregano, Thyme or Cardamom.

  2. Give the noisy one in your night time a foot rub with some Easy Air. Add Rosemary and Douglas Fir for those difficult cases and get yourself a peaceful night’s rest!

  3. Add a drop of Easy Air and a drop of Wintergreen if you have it to a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head and breathe deeply.

  4. Make a nasal inhaler (you can buy empty ones online), add to cotton balls, use a drop in hand or inhale straight from the bottle.

  5. For those times when anxious feelings are literally making it hard to breathe, this blend is your friend.

  6. Sneak a drop or two onto the pillow or sheets of those that are a little ‘oil resistant’ in your household, they won’t even know but will definitely sleep better.

  7. Apply to your chest or upper back before exercise.

  8. Drop a few drops on the floor of your shower and breathe in the steamy goodness.

Easy Air.jpg

​On Guard ideas

  1. Add a few drops to a glass spray bottle with water for a gorgeous smelling and powerful cleaner.

  2. Soak your apples in On Guard for a power packed snack.

  3. Help your children feel protected with the On Guard beadlets or roll up their spine diluted before school.

  4. Ditch the chemistry and add 5 - 6 drops to baking soda to scrub your tub.

  5. Add a drop to water and use as a gargle to support oral health after you’ve brushed with your On Guard toothpaste.

  6. Take in a capsule with olive oil before travelling to ward off environmental threats.

  7. Make your own non toxic hand sanitiser with a few drops of On Guard and a few drops of Lemongrass, top with water in a small glass spray bottle.

  8. Clean your oven! Mix bicarb, water, On Guard and Lemon. Soak and scrub.

  9. Diffuse to feel protected and cleanse the air in your home. 

On Guard.png

Lavender ideas

  1. Add a few drops to your pillow before bed.

  2. Inhale from your hands when you are a bit wound up or apply to the back of the neck and temples.

  3. Add to the bath at the end of a busy day.

  4. Soothe minor skin irritations like itchy bites or sun burn.

  5. Apply to skin after shaving to soothe any redness or irritation.

  6. Soothe a sore baby’s bottom. Mix Lavender and Geranium with FCO and apply at change time.

  7. After a long day on your feet apply lavender and lemongrass to soothe and relax muscles.

  8. Add to your favourite short bread recipe, 2 - 3 drops.

Lavender essential oil - doTERRA.JPG

Tea Tree ideas

  1. Add to FCO for a great face moisturiser - step it up a notch by including Lavender and Frankincense.

  2. Spray the kid’s hair with Tea Tree, Rosemary and water to ward off those pesky bugs.

  3. Combine with Lemongrass and water for a natural mozzie spray.

  4. Great for occasional scrapes and skin irritations.

  5. Helpful for nasty feet! Apply to toenails directly especially if you’ve been in high traffic public areas.

  6. Make a spray to refresh your yoga mat.

  7. Add to a spray bottle for chemical free cleaning.

  8. Boost your immune function by rubbing into the soles of your feet, even better with some On Guard.

  9. Diffuse with Lemon to ward off pesky flies.

  10. Make a non toxic air freshener with Tea Tree, Lemon and Lavender. Just a few drops to water in a glass spray bottle

Tea Tree.png

Ice Blue ideas

  1. Got an achy body? Apply Ice Blue diluted. Even better, add the rub over the top!

  2. Apply to the shoulders after a long time at the computer.

  3. Long hours on the mobile phone will give you discomfort in the hands and fingers, this blend is super soothing, layer with Frankincense for even more effect.

  4. If your kids have fallen out of a tree again, apply Ice Blue to assist with localised blood flow.

  5. A lovely way to connect with the other half, give a soothing massage at the end of a long week.

  6. Provides a cooling and warming effect, for added relief for your runners knees/feet/hips layer the oil with Ice Blue Rub.

  7. Used regularly, Ice Blue may help with long term muscle joint and bone health due to the Helichrysum and Blue Tansy.

  8. Take this blend with you when visiting your Osteo or Massage Therapist.

  9. Also very effective for clearing the airways before exercise, just inhale from your hands.

Ice Blue.png
oregano essetial oil.jpg

Oregano ideas

Caution: this oil is hot, dilute heavily for topical use and keep away from sensitive parts.


  1. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your local gym showers, apply to the bottom of your feet afterwards.

  2. Apply directly to warts, cover the surrounding area with FCO daily for at least a week.

  3. Add a drop or two to your pasta or pizza sauce.

  4. Support the immune system by layering on the feet diluted with On Guard.

  5. Uplevel the effects of your Easy Air by adding a drop of Oregano.

  6. Cold hands and feet? Dilute and massage for warmth.

  7. Use for added immune support when needed in a capsule with food and fat (never more than 10 days when using internally).

  8. Is a key ingredient in our GX Assist blend as it helps create the right environment to those nasties that tax our digestive system.

Frankincense ideas

  1. Need some calm in your world? Apply Frankincense to your neck or inhale with some lavender.

  2. Need some pick me up? Apply with peppermint to the back of your neck in the afternoon for a natural boost in focus.

  3. Treat your skin by adding a drop to your nightly moisturiser or to your whole body in our scentless spa moisturiser.

  4. Wear as a perfume to uplift your mood and that of everyone you meet!

  5. Diffuse with Wild Orange to calm and uplift everyone in the house.

  6. Take in some tea with honey for a daily health tonic.

  7. Relax in the tub with some Frankincense and Lavender in your bath.

  8. Apply directly to skin for targeted support for all types of skin health.

  9. Frankincense is in our amazing DDR Prime blend as it promotes health cellular proliferation so take in a veggie cap daily to support your cells.

  10. Got an achy body? Frankie is your friend. Massage topically to promote a normal inflammatory response.


ZenGest ideas

  1. Apply over the bridge of your nose diluted to support clear airways.

  2. Soothe a nervous tummy. I have a roller with me everywhere I travel!

  3. Eaten something that was not your friend or overindulged at your favourite restaurant? Roll it on.

  4. Feeling queasy on a journey, inhale some ZenGest or apply to your wrists.

  5. Use daily to support healthy bowel motions.

  6. If you’re travelling and have eaten something unfamiliar, this blend is great.

  7. Feeling overloaded? Take a drop in your hand and inhale to support your emotions.


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