Cleaning recipes​


It's time to love your liver by greening up your cleaning routine. Many  brands that you find in the supermarket contain highly toxic ingredients that can cause skin irritation, respiratory distress and disrupt the endocrine system. 


Making your own cleaning products has never been easier now that you have your own essential oils. Not only that, you will find that you save money by not cruising down ‘that aisle’ of the supermarket.


Check out these amazing DIY recipes!

Get your own glass spray bottles from Arthur Holmes.

Cant be arsed making your own?

We've got you sister!

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Diffuser blend ideas


Here are a few great recipes for diffuser blends too - but be sure to give your own blends a try too. If you need tips on how to blend oils, download the Modern Essentials App on your i-phone or buy the book from Aromatools Australia.

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Essential oils and food

Read all about the ins and outs of using essential oils to flavour your food here. For an amazing collection of oil infused healthy recipes click here.