Interviewing Your Potential Wedding Photographer

PART TWO - How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Ok so you have your shortlist of potential wedding photographers. Now it's time to meet with them in person or on a video call and if they could be the ONE for you. Your choice of photographer is a REALLY important not be afraid to grill them. You will likely be dropping a fair bit of coin on the photography and or videographer so here is a list of questions that you should definitely ask to get the skinny on what is on offer. Remember the main intention is find out if you are right for EACH OTHER. It may be that what you want, they just don't provide so a good pro will also turn you down if they see you are not on the same page. This is a GOOD thing, so don't be offended.

1. What do you love about wedding photography?

How PASSIONATE is this person? Check out their eyes, their body language, their energy as well as their words. Does talking about photography make them light up or have they just been doing it forever and its now second nature? Which vibe would you prefer? Both are valid - but very different.

2. What sort of couples do you like to shoot?

3. What is your favourite part of the day and why?

4. My mum's a real grump (example only - she's totally cool), how will you cope?

5. I/my partner HATES photos - how will you make us feel comfortable?

6. What if it rains?

7. What happens if you are sick/can't make it?

8. Do you use a back up camera?

9. How long have you been shooting weddings? How many have you done?

NOW - I would not let a beginner put me off......they may well be a technical wizard, super talented, with all the latest gear, but a lack of experience should be represented in the price and you will want to give them a detailed shots list for the day to ensure you get everything you want. Conversely, someone who has been doing it forever may not be on top of current trends OR can have lost their MOJO so definitely stalk on the socials and see if they have what you want stylistically and again - check out their energy and sparkle.

10. What do you wear to weddings?

Pays to ask, I have seen wedding photographers in jeans and jandals which just ain't cool!

Business Matters

Before we go on: most of what is next should either be visible on their website or available to you in some kind of wedding booklet and/or the wedding contract. So just check you have seen and understand the following:

- Coverage

Packages can be confusing......check the TIME and make sure that this time covers your timeline. If you are unsure, map out the day and get them to whip up a quick timeline during your conversation. If they are experienced, they should be able to do this.

- Deliverables

Make sure you understand what is included and what is additional. Do you get all your images? Is there a value package with prints or albums? Can these be added? For how much? How long do we have to wait for our images? Our album?

- Hidden Extras

Does the price include GST? Travel? Accomodation? If we need you to stay longer, how much is it per hour?

- Second Shooter

Are they are a single photographer or do they work in a team? Can an extra photographer be arranged if needed? How much does this cost?

- Payment

How much is the deposit, when is the rest due?

- Refunds

What is the refund policy should you need to cancel for example a global pandemic (touch wood we never go through this again!!!) What do we get back if your equipment fails or similar?

So that's it for this BLOG - all the most important bits covered and of course feel free to ask whatEVER comes to your mind or is really important to YOU. You are not a bride/groomzilla for making sure that you get what YOU want. My advice is - DO be fussy. DO be picky. DON'T rush into it AND don't be fooled by the age old pressure tactic of "I have another enquiry for that date so you need to let me know now".

Hope you find this useful, check out my other blogs for other tips for helping your big day run super smooth and dreamy. You can read all about my wedding services here.