Awaken with Essential Oils

I was recently asked to summarise what essential oils have done for me.....

Essential oils are no magic pill but they have been an integral part of me awakening to natural ways to get back to balance and remain a daily tool. When I was asked recently to describe it to someone I found myself tripping over words so I went to the paint brushes.

In a total turnaround to my usual approach to life, I decided not to overthink it. In fact I asked my thinking mind to kindly take a seat and just grabbed the paint colours that spoke to me.

Then I just expressed. The image on the left is me before essential oils. I was lost under many layers. The light was in there but it had dimmed. I reached for the light but always felt that something was holding me back or kept dragging me back down. But I felt sure and determined that there was a better way to be, I just didn't know what or how. I didn't feel well. I had no energy and I rarely felt happy. My body was full of pain and many body systems were not functioning so well. I was totally disconnected from myself on many levels, not even realising the pain I was in as I was just so used to it.

I went to one of those essential oil 'parties' to support my friend. I imagined the usual type of presentation: boring, pressure to buy things I really didn't want or need, some kind of pyramid scheme where you have to buy, buy, buy. Then I smelt doTERRA's Peppermint essential oil and it was like "Well HELLO". The smell was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was nature itself. I was awake, I was listening. The presenter had so much amazing information - I had no idea you could do all of those things with essential oils.

Having read and understood Louise Hay's books many years ago, I felt I had found the tool for emotional healing that I had been searching for. And the presenter herself was a walking example of how these oils work! She was my age, looked a good deal younger and was the picture of health with glowing skin and sparkly eyes - I wanted some of what she had!

Fast forward three years

I wake up in the morning excited about life. My days are filled with passion and purpose as I help others to overcome their challenges and find their sparkle again. I am the same and yet totally different. They have not 'changed me'. I was me all along. But they have cracked me open. They have reconnected me to me. They have reminded me who I am and what I can be. They are 'catalysts for change'. The oils do not do the emotional work for you, but what they will do is reveal to you that which needs to be done and open you up to a new way forward. They are activators of the real you, the you your soul wants to be if you will just please hop out of the way!

In the 'After' painting I see all that I could be and all that I am. I see space and clarity. I see purity. I see the seed of life and the sparkle of light source and I know I am a part of that. I have remembered. In the before painting I also see the light and the shade coming together. In all ways the oils are balancing. They will never tip you out of balance one way or the other (just remember the potency people!) I know that my use of essential oils for emotional shifts has had a ripple effect far further than I will ever know. All any of us really need to do to change the world is be a better version of ourselves.

And yes yes, oils smell great and they clean the loo really well and they help your kids calm down and sleep, they soothe achy bods and icky tummies, they scare off the flies, they help when you feel under the weather and they do all these amazing things for our bodies but for me the greatest gift has been a return to me. I am home.