your  guide to elite

"You're supposed to start before you are ready and before you are good at it and that's how you get ready and thats how you get good at it"



 Congratulations on making this amazing decision to live a life less ordinary and build your very own dōTERRA business. Those of us in the know, know that this business is about SO MUCH MORE than oils. You are going to experience personal growth that will stretch you, test you and reward you as you rise through the ranks from oil educator to team leader - this is why we call our rank advances 'soul advances'. The opportunity to positively effect the lives of others, raise the vibration of the planet and make a real difference in the world is at your feet. What you do with this opportunity is up to you.

I believe that we are limitless and the ripple effect of our co-creation is greater than anything I can imagine. Now is the time to let go of your limiting beliefs, be fearless, step into your power and be authentically you. We each have something unique to offer - focus on that and you can't go wrong. 

We are here to guide, mentor, support and cheer you on but the responsibility to get it done lies with YOU.  Everything you need to know is here. Just follow this roadmap created by those that have gone before you.

The steps have been divided up into easy to digest modules with coaching, information, our tribe tools - many hours of work to make this EASY for you. Self responsibility and committing to showing up for YOU is the most crucial thing needed from you now.

Download the sheet at the beginning of each module, tick it off as you go and take the time to complete the challenge. Then check in with your mentor and have a pow wow about what you have learnt before you move onto the next step. 

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My FIRST 'Why' Video

Your Why

Get used to talking about your 'WHY'. Everyone's why is different and it will continue to grow and evolve throughout your dōTERRA journey. Revisit this every time you rank advance at least. Your customers want to know WHY you chose these essential oils. They will buy why you do over what you do. Your story is important and you will need to clarify this and start telling people - definitely at the beginning of each oil class (the SHORT version!) Having a powerful WHY is going to motivate during the tough times and the challenges. So give it some thought, put pen to paper and share your WHY with your enroller at least. If you are up to it, a live or recorded facebook video is a powerful way to connect with your audience. 

Use this Find your WHY worksheet to get your started

Why do the business?

Afford organic food

Husband free to follow his dreams

Empower others with tools for self healing 

Use as a platform to create massive positive change

Set up my kids for LIFE & set an amazing example 

Financial freedom

Because I love oils

Tools of the Trade

First Steps


  • Enrol with your Home Essentials, Nature’s Solutions or Oil Sharing Kit

  • Add to your first order at least 2 x Local Empower Kits  so you can hit the ground running and be class ready

  • Set your LRP to 100pv so you qualify for commission straight away. Watch how here

  • Download and read the Build Guide and the Launch to Elite Guides. Get them here

  • Get busy on your 100 names list and start reaching out. Please watch our TRAINING VIDEO about ways to reach out, contact and share that won’t have you feeling like ‘that’ network marketer 

  • Start your essential oil education by purchasing an Essential Life and Emotions and Essential Oils guides - check with your upline that you have the latest editions. You don’t have to be an expert but choose an oil a week to focus on and use. Get them here. You should also work your way through these awesome e-books

  • Watch this safety video and learn all about the 'dōTERRA difference': co-impact sourcing, global botanical network, purity and testing

  • Start booking classes. At this stage you will most likely be asking people you know well to help you out - this process will change as you increase your customer base. I like to book at least one month out if not two and overbook as you will always get cancellations. Aim for 6+ per month if you are looking to launch to Elite, less if you want to go slower and ease your way in

Your Job Description

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 2.58.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 6.43.24 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.41.35 PM_edi

Hot Tip:


If you want to sell the

Nature's Solutions Kit....

Own it

Use it

Love it

Share it

Changing the world

One drop

One person

One community

at a time

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 11.05.08 AM.pn

Know Who You are Representing

Take the Quiz

How old is dōTERRA?

How did they start out?

What is the dōTERRA mission?

What are the company values?

What makes them different to other oils?

Who are the executives in this picture?

What is our retention rate?

Where is dōTERRA located?

Where are the oils sourced from?

What is the Healing Hands Foundation?

What are some of the community projects that we have implented?

How many countries do we source from?

How many of those are developing nations?

What does co-impact sourcing mean?

Sampling with LOVE

This business is all about caring. Watch this amazing video by Vanessa Jean about how she samples and think about adding your own flavour to show you care. Follow up! Keep a record of who you gave what and when and then call them up to ask how they like it. Now the door is open for you to either:

  • Book them in for a 1-1

  • Invite them to a class

  • Enrol them over the phone

Sampling Tips

  • Only sample our unique dōTERRA blends or special blends that you have made up - that way they have to come back to YOU.

  • Always dilute your samples with FCO

  • Don't just give out your card - GET THEIR DETAILS and ask permission to follow them up.

Sampling supplies like 2ml roller bottles are available from the

Lil Oil Spot or Green Mandarin in New Zealand. 

Intro Kits

Check out these excellent sample kits 5ml each of peppermint, lemon and lavender. You can order them in your back office. Use for prizes, giveaways, gifts for teachers, break up and put in welcome packs, or create samples from these. 

Just $182 for 6 packs

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 7.51.36 PM.png


Inviting may sound simple but it is an art form and there is a process to follow to get bums on seats. Hopefully you have already sampled or spoken to your invitee about essential oils before they are invited. There are many ways to invite so think about who the invite is going to and choose the best option. ​The process:

  • Invite

  • Confirm attendance - definitive yes or no "Hey Susan, just checking whether you could make it to the oils evening next week? I just need to know how much yummy food I need to make. Look forward to hearing from you!"

  • Send a reminder 1 week out

  • Confirm final numbers by text with a message like this: "Hey Susan, I'm really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at 7pm and sharing the oily love with you. I have a little gift ready for you. Just park on the lawn."

  • If you have no shows (and you WILL) the appropriate response is "Hey Susan, we missed you last night. I hope everything is OK? Look forward to seeing you soon x"

Use the invites in your empower kit or make your own and get them printed for cheap at vista print

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 8.58.04 PM.png

Ways to invite

  • Verbally in person or over the phone

  • Share from your facebook event individually with a personal message - avoid group invites

  • Give a handwritten invitation (my favourite)

  • Email

  • Text blitz


Start Learning the Business from the BEST

Check out the slides from Jessie's Ulitmate Business Training here

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 9.18.01 PM.png

Don't Want to Teach Classes?

If I had a dollar for the amount of people who said they really wanted to create a dōTERRA business but they couldn't possibly teach a class!!!! Everyone says this - I said this!!!. And everyone can do it. Watch the pros below for a bit more training. Your upline should be teaching the first few for you, then you co-teach, then you are ready to fly. For some people this will vary. Be kind with yourself, you will NOT be perfect right out of the gate, give it time and remember with practice comes proficiency and confidence. Get some close friends together and practice in front of them - I bet they will all enrol!

My First Ever Class!

Get Class Ready

  1. Watch these great videos on class dos and don'ts from industry experts

  2. You may have your upline teaching for you, you could be co-teaching or your might be ready to dive right in! Either way, it’s handy to download and have on you: the class cheat sheet or the PIP (product information pages) for our top ten oils laminated and the approved claims list to help you stay compliant OR simply use the class handout!

  3. Download a class sign in sheet from the shared files section

  4. Prepare a small gift for each of your attendees for example a 2ml sample of some of our blends diluted with carrier oil or give them the 5ml wild orange from your empower kit and a giveaway or a gift for your host if applicable 

  5. If you have business cards, I recommend attaching these to your class handouts and having these ready to go on clipboards. I also take pens and spare paper

  6. Understand the difference between wholesale customers and wellness advocates. Read the chart in the shared files section and watch this video

  7. Have on hand a Live, Build and Share guide to take to your classes, you can order these in your back office

  8. You need a good basic understanding of the Loyalty Rewards Programme before teaching classes

Get Compliant BEFORE you start sharing

Learn all about it here 


Planning for Elite


Without a solid plan you will find yourself drifting.

Set yourself a goal, then you can plan the action steps  to get your there.

Elite is 3000 OV (overall volume) in PV - not dollars, includes your own order for the qualifying month and can be any structure at all. At this level you will be getting your 100PV order covered plus a little cash.

It IS possible to launch to ELITE in your first month - 6 classes should get your there. Watch this training video by Jessie and Alison if you want to go fast, it was part of an old FB group so maybe ignore the first bit.

Watch the TRAINING VIDEO below on how to find volume and scheduled LRP. 



Elite Rank Planner

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 9.49.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 8.04.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 11.09.32 AM.pn

Your MINDSET is critical to the success of your business. Tune in to the many ways that you can actively work on this HERE

So you've got customers, now what?


WHOOP WHOOP! You have some people to enrol after your first class. Here’s what you need to do next:


  1. Watch this TRAINING VIDEO on how to enrol new customers

  2. Send them a welcome email and attach your welcome booklet. I also choose to send them some goodies to start their essential oil journey. This can include: essential oil booklets, empty roller bottles, samples of toothpaste and ice blue rub or shampoo and conditioner (these come from the USA warehouse). Look below right to see what Chrissy Worthy sends her new tribe - how cool is that?!

  3. Start a filing system and keep your enrolment forms well organised. I attach this cover sheet to each one to keep me on track. Follow the steps on this sheet to follow up with your customers - diarise follow ups so that you don't forget

  4. Start a system for following up your customers, potential enrollees, class hosts and business parnters and build a strong community.  I use TRELLO.  

  5. Sponsor Changes - Its time to learn how to place your team members. Diarise this for 14 days from enrolment for each new customer so you don’t forget! Watch the training videos below. 

Worthy weclome pack.jpg

The Wellness Consult

So you have enrolled your very first tribe members. Congratulations! IMPORTANT At the time of enrolment book them in for a wellness consult either by zoom or in person. This should be done in the first two weeks of enrolment ideally. This session forms close relationships, shows that you care deeply and are there to be of service and it turns part time users into lifelong oil lovers. The BEST part - you may change this person's LIFE!

Watch these super helpful videos to grow your confidence and use your Essential Life and Emotions book.

Remember - we are not here to diagnose or cure anything.

Click here for the Empowered Success video on how to use the Live Guide

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 10.10.07 PM.pn

Let's Talk Money


So you have taught your first class, you have enrolled your first team members, I bet you are wodnering about the money. Or maybe your other half wants to know how you get paid and how much. 

The doTERRA compensation plan is an awesome but-not-too-simple so just take this in small steps. 

At this level, most of your income will come from fast start commissions and your unilevel payments grow as you team grows and as you develop loyal LRP customers. 

YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO BY PAUL OVENS (I suggest you show it to your husband/wife/partner too).


Download and keep for your reference this compensation plan document.

How to get paid


You will be paid fast start commission weekly on  a Wednesday so you must ALWAYS have your LRP set to 100pv to qualify.

Unilevel is paid towards the end of the month in one lump sum. 

Your commission will show as $ in your back office, inside your shopping cart you can view this "AR Balance". You can save it, spend it on prodcut or have it paid into your bank account. To get it paid to your bank account fill out this form.

Get to know your back office


Start to get to know how to use your back office.


Spend some time watching these training videos created by doTERRA for you.


Watch the video to the right for an overview.



You have already learnt about sponsor changes and Paul briefly discussed placements in his compensation plan video. The structure of your team can have a HUGE impact on the rate of growth and the profitability of your team SO start to learn NOW so you can get set up for success early.


Finding Capable and Committed Business Partners

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of placement videos out there. The one to the left is the MOST helpful I have ever watched in terms of strategy.

Finding your own dream team


Every single person you meet at every single oil share is a potential business builder however they will not join you if they don't know about the opportunity that is there for them. SO make sure that are mentioning the business at the end of every share.

Meet your potentials for a coffee and go through the business opportunity page on this site and a Build Guide.


Once you have some extra hands on deck you will FLY through the ranks. All of your business builders can use this system so you don't need to do anything excepte SUPPORT them. 

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Helpful podcasts


Empowered success PODCASTS are a great way to hear how to do it from industry leaders.

Check them out here.