Recently someone asked what life coaching qualification I had completed, to which I replied "I am a student of Life."

I know and understand that I chose this life, these challenges so that I could learn my soul lessons and therefore fulfilll my mission to help people and the planet. 

So here's a little of my story, shared in the light of truth, honesty and keeping it real. I want you to know that I know what it is to struggle. And if I got myself to HERE - together, we can get YOU here too.

4 Years ago my family and I moved from our home town south of Auckland to the Coromandel Peninsula.

Something happened to me when I drove over the Kopu Hikuai hills, tears streaming down my face, thinking to myself "What the hell am I doing moving my whole family away from our friends, our families, our communities?"

And then I heard it, clear as a bell - a Karanga - a traditional Maori welcome - and I knew the move was not a mistake -

and I knew I was home.


Coming home to ME was a lot harder than driving from point A to point B.

I'd been lost to myself for so many years.

Childhood abandonment, hard working + loving, but largely absent parents, abuse, severe bullying at school, cheating boyfriends, eating disorders, drugs and alcohol, then death - cancer and suicides, so much loss in such a short time, followed by bankruptcy and an unplanned pregnancy to navigate while in a deep depression. I felt like the ultimate victim of life and saw life itself as a constant and frightening attack that I had to defend myself from. 

Many of my closest friends and family do not even know the full extent of my struggles (and may even get a bit of shock if they read this). I did everything I could to put on a brave face, over working, keeping busy, doing good, getting fit, constantly tidying and rearranging the house, shopping - anything to distract myself from the chaos within. 

But this charade is EXHAUSTING. My body was screaming at me to change. I was full of pain, had no energy, terrible vertigo, vision issues, dizzy spells and a wide variety of other mysterious symptoms and I knew I had work to do.

So I began the work of the soul.

Essential oils was the first awakening. Within a month or two of bringing them into our home we decided to move to the beach!

Then energy healing, life coaching, workshops, seminars, yoga retreats.

Books - so many books and so many still to read.

Bowen therapy, contact care.

Nutrition, gut health obsession, cleanses.

Reiki and light language, followed by my own study and attunement to Reiki. 

Reiki awakened me to the power, energy, wisdom and healing that is Mother Nature and the ocean, rocks and trees have soothed my soul on many a tough day.

I learned to meditate and after a many years of attending yoga classes, I cultivated my own unique practice and teaching style.

NLP helped me clear out the lingering old stories and generational trauma and slowly but surely, I began to feel whole again. Restored. Balanced. Confident. SHINING even.

Yoga, my constant anchor, always there to bring me back to earth and back to my body.

And finally......the return of JOY......20 years after graduating the top of my class with a Bachelor of Visual Arts,

I returned to art and finally fulfilled my lifelong desire to paint.

SO if you have some changes that you would like to make in your life - well I have some tools to share with YOU. 

If you're ready to UP level your life and fulfill your soul's true purpose, I want to be a part of that. 

Reach out and together we can let your soul shine too x