Personal Transformation


I was not consciously looking for natural solutions when I found dōTERRA...maybe it found me? However I found myself at an essential oils class and was totally blown away when I experienced them first hand and learnt about all of the ways they could be used to support myself and my family in living a more balanced life.

One thing I have always known for sure is that ALL disharmony and imbalance in the body has an emotional component at its core and what I had been looking for and not found until this moment was a method for supporting myself on an emotional it was! 

Fast forward four years and I have so much gratitude that these beautiful gifts of the earth came into my life. They have settled my  children in the middle of the night, given us comfort when we are not feeling our best, eased aching hearts during troubled times, lifted a heavy mood, helped shift out old generational and childhood trauma, spiced up my food, cleaned my house and in so may ways lifted my vibration.