Using Essential Oils


Clear the air - purify & harmonise your space


I absolutely love to make little spritz bottles to literally - clear the air. Essential oils can be a lovely way to clear your energy if you are a person that is affected easily by those around you or if you do any kind of body work and need to clear your space after clients. I spritz purify around my son's stinky room and all over myself too after giving healings. You can use these to clear the air of allergens like pollen and dust mites too. 

Awaken the senses -

emotional balance & essential oils


My all time favourite way to use essential oils is to support emotional balance. They have gifted me and my family a sense of peace and calm, time and space by feeling present and connected, uplifted moods, relaxation and a good night's sleep. Diffusing is fantastic way for you to call in the type of emotion, energy or mood that  you want to experience. 

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses and smell receptor sites have actually been found all over the body, not just in the nose. 

Essential oils interact with the limbic system, that ancient part of the brain that governs memory and emotion and in this way they are able to shift the way that we experience our emotions read more here.

For a reading on the best oils to support your emotions, you can use a ZYTO compass scan for a reading. 

My MOST used essential oils for emotional balance are dōTERRA's propriety emotions blends, Lavender Peace, Balance, Citrus Bliss and Elevation. 

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Soothe and restore - topical use of essential oils


Topical use is a fantastic way to use your essential oils. For emotional support, close your eyes and notice where in your body you are holding tension, choose an oil that represents what you want to feel and massage into that area. Diluting essential oils with carrier oil is a safe way to use your oils and also helps you to get more out of your oils by holding the oil in the skin's surface for a lot longer. It also minimises the likelihood of skin sensitivity and is a great way to enable you to use your oils on your little ones. Please read the safe dilution chart here.

For physical support of your muscles and joints you can apply oils topically and of course many oils are very nourishing for your skin so you can add them to your beauty routine or any time your skin needs some additional soothing care. Find more ideas here.

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Flavour it up - essential oils for food flavouring

I love to add oils to my food for extra flavour, check out all of my favourite recipes here.

Safety of essential oils as a food flavouring and for internal use: please read the notes here and do your own research to decide if you are comfortable using essential oils this way. It is a matter of PERSONAL INFORMED CHOICE. 

Internal refers to the use of essential oils in capsules and is really for those with a sound knowledge of essential oils, their uses and safety guidelines. If you have any existing conditions, seek medical advice before using oils this way. Oral refers to essential oils in drinks or under the tongue. Be aware that if you are using oils in your water, you must be consuming them from glass or stainless steel and shake well as the oils will otherwise sit on the top of your water. 


Debs wellness rituals & routines


Let me share with you some of the nourishing rituals and basic routines that I now integrate into my daily self care. These practices have really helped to energise and refresh me, keep me calm and grounded, sleep well and maintain a healthy weight. Icing on the cake: I have not had a cold or flu for THREE years now. I also eat a whole food diet, exercise outside in nature as often as possible, practice yoga and journal and meditate regularly. 

Read all about how to use these for daily health here

doTERRA's most sold product

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AM                 Anytime                   PM

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Get the glow - skincare

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The Verage Skincare Kit and the Lifelong Vitality Pack

Nourishment from

the inside out 


If you would like to get 'the dōTERRA glow' these are my two 'go to' products. First - you have to feed your skin from the inside and I know for sure that no matter how healthy your diet, our modern food source ain't going to cut it. Free radical damage can cause premature skin aging so its important to address this. I am addicted to the Verage Skincare Kit - such amazing value and lasts me 4 months! The serum - divine. 

Add an oil like Salubelle to take it to the next level and drink PLENTY of good water - you need: your body weight in kg divided by 30= L per day for you. 

Aromatic dressing


The ancients had this DOWN! They would dress their bodies in oils and essential oils and then gently scrape the skin with wood or bone to remove dirt and dead skin before they immersed themselves in their baths filled with flower essences. Check out this awesome BLOG on Cleopatra's use of essential oils. 


Now that you have essential oils, you can add this divine, ancient practice to your routine. I love to dry brush, then shower, then aromatically dress my amazing body showering it with loving thoughts as I do so.


My favourite oil to use in this way is Whisper, the women's blend. This is a divine goddess blend that wraps you in a heavenly scent which will have EVERYONE asking what you are wearing. The oils in this blend help you to soften into and embrace your femininity nurturing healthy relationships with other women and balance out those monthly highs and lows. 

I also love Bergamot - the oil of self acceptance (careful as this may cause photosensitivity).

Watch this demonstration by Goddess Vanessa Jean. 

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Dry brushing


This is a fantastic practice for exfoliating the skin, for enhancing the texture of your skin, to assist with the breakdown of fats, promoting lymphatic drainage and circulation, detox and stimulates the nervous system which can help you to feel invigorated. 

I love to add Grapefruit or Cypress essential oils to this process to enhance all of the above. 

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Maintain an awesome smile - oral health

My all time favourite and most used product in dōTERRA is our gorgeous cleansing toothpaste. Move away from harsh, toxic, chemicals in your mouth and use nature's finest ingredients. 

This is perfect if you have grumpy gums, sensi teeth or just want a natural alternative that actually works! Just the amount of a pea, electric toothbrush - boom! 

Your mouth has its own delicate microbiome so nourish and protect it with these beautiful products. Run your dental floss through some spearmint or peppermint, brush with our toothpaste and then rinse with a drop of On Guard in water OR chomp an On Guard beadles. This blend contains a lot of clove which is super supportive for oral health. 

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What to do when you're feeling like poo

Anytime someone in our house goes 'down' we follow these protocols to help the body regain equilibrium and balance so that it can do what it magically knows how to do - to heal.

  • On Guard under the feet diluted every 3 hours or am and pm

  • Oregano DILUTED if we feel we need it with the On Guard

  • Easy Air diluted on the chest and/or in the diffuser

  • A drop of peppermint in a bowl of water and applied to the upper back with a wash cloth

  • Consider rolling Frankincese up the spine for additional support

  • Lavender to assist with rest 

  • An oil to lift the spirits like Ylang Ylang or Lime

* Its important to realise that when  you are under the weather, your body needs gentle support - do not overwhelm yourself with oils as the body will not be able to cope, little and often diluted is the best approach. And of course see the doctor if you need to!

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