The Loyalty Rewards Programme

Order once a month and earn FREE oils: The Loyalty Rewards Programme

  • Opt in by clicking the purple button in your back office - follow the prompts, call if you get stuck

  • You are required to order something each month - log in and change this in your back office

  • There is NO minimum monthly amount you need to spend

  • Opt OUT anytime by calling member services

  • Order 50PV or more per month and receive product points which get you FREE oils

  • Stay on 50PV per month and each quarter your discount increases

  • If you have people placed under you and maintain a 100PV order you will earn commission on their orders - this does not mean you are doing the business. Click HERE if you would like to know how to get your whole order paid for

  • After one year, you'll get an additional 30% off after your wholesale discount of 25% - thats a total saving of 55%!

  • If you order 125PV or more per month you will receive the FREE product of the month (changes monthly)

  • All L.R.P. orders get shipping refunded as rewards points

  • Having a tight month? Don't cancel, just order something small like a lip balm and keep your % alive. 

  • If you DO cancel your LRP you STILL HAVE ACCESS TO WHOLESALE RATES you just order as and when you choose

Shift your shopping

  • Reduce your supermarket bill

  • Get non toxic AMAZING products that will support your health, delivered FREE to your door

  • Be generously rewarded for it


Our household goods are sustainably and ethically sourced, completely non toxic for your home and body and delivered to your door for FREE within the programme. Not only that you are rewarded for shopping with up to 30% additional back - I don't know ANY supermarket that offers anything like it!!!!