Home Essentials Kit.png

Follow these instructions to create your own WHOLESALE account

  1. Take a screen shot or photo of these instructions

  2. Click the 'Buy Oils' button below to be directed to my online store

  3. Select  'Join & Save' at the top of the page (NOT the shop button or you will be paying retail rates)

  4. Choose your language and the country you live in

  5. Choose NZ warehouse

  6. Choose your account: Wellness Advocate if you might share them with others, Wholesale Customer if you just want to shop and enjoy the products

  7. Fill in your personal information

  8. At Enroller ID, make SURE you see 3739869 (otherwise we won't be able to connect post purchase for support) 

  9. Leave Sponsor ID blank or same as Enroller ID

  10. Select your kit and/or products. It is $40 to join if you are not buying a starter pack. 

  11. Head to the payment details and you are DONE!

What to buy? 

Most people choose to start with a Starter Pack (see below) as it saves you money and gives you a good starting collection. The most popular kit is the Home Essentials.


If this is not for you, you can start with a $40 welcome pack which covers your wholesale membership for a year and then just select the products that you want. 

Most of my customers need help with:

  • Sleep and rest

  • Digestive comfort

  • Aches and physical discomfort

  • Energy and vitality

  • Detox

  • Grounding and focus

I also offer in depth consultations as a part of my personal empowerment program YOU.


The benefits of having your own wholesale account are:


  • 25% off all of your product

  • ME!!!! Your new oily mate and BFF - here to cheer you on and help you

  • Option to earn up to 55% off just by ordering monthly

  • Safety information and education so you can use your product confidently

  • Access to my exclusive members area so you can learn how to make the most of your oils

  • Option to join the Loyalty Rewards Programme and get free oils

  • Access to all the amazing monthly specials

  • Empowered shopping choices from supermarket products to plant based non toxic alternatives 

  • Live a wellness lifestyle and feel better

  • NO minimum monthly spend required and NO expectation to sell 

  • Shop when you feel like it and have products delivered to your door


Your annual renewal fee is $35 and comes with a free bottle of Peppermint.