Two years ago I photographed the graffitied Laneways of Melbourne. Looking slowly. Getting lost in layers.


I saw artworks within artworks, whole worlds in a tiny fragment. The graffitti reminded me of light language, much like art which tells a story that we can all experience not with the literal, logical mind but through the universal language of colour, energy, imagination and emotion. 


The graffiti is beautiful in its own way - an expression of bold, colourful, funky, wild, unrestrained rebellion and chaos. Chaos offers up its own special energy - the power of the disruptor, the catalyst for creation and change. 


Welcome to my world of vibrant colour and abstraction - portals, galaxies, montages, fragments…


Slow down, look closely and see what you can find!


Cryptogram: Secret code, cipher, cypher


Cryptograph: A coded message, a device for encoding or decoding messages

Graffiti: From the Greek - graphic - meaning “to write”

These images are available in a huge variety of finishes from framed fine art prints to prints on glass and acrylic.

I can also create a custom design just for you. Click through the gallery to get a feel for the options. 

Copyright applies to these original designs.


Portal Series

These close up photograhs of graffiti focus on texture and colour.


Fragmenting these from the larger source image abstracts them and creates a kind of microscopic feel. 


They look amazing installed as an entire collection for a major statement or as individual pieces.


The the button to enquire about owning one, three or all of them.