Professional Photography Services

I have  Bachelor of Visual Arts,

majoring in Photography so when you

employ me to capture your family, wedding or business you are also getting a high level of artistry.


I love to laugh and I love people. 


I'm looking to work with interesting, fun, quirky and unique people so if you'd like to know more, click the button!


Family or Business Shoot 1 hour $350 + GST

(images available as a digital download)

Wedding 2-3 hours $750 + GST

Wedding 10 hours $3050 + GST

(Images supplied on a snazzy USB with special box)

Corporate 1/2 day $750, Full day $1500 + GST

*Travel costs may apply

Fine Art Photography


The Art of Language


Meditation and writing are a part of my daily life. I often find myself switching from legible writing, to scribble, to automatic writing or 'light language'. This comes through as a download from the energy body and out the pen onto paper directly from my subconscious. It is a language I am still unable to decipher. This got me thinking....although I cannot 'read' it, I can feel it, therefore it still has meaning, much like art which tells a story that we can all experience not with the literal, logical mind but through the universal language of colour, energy, imagination and emotion. 


Two years ago when I photographed the graffitied Laneways of Melbourne I saw artworks within artworks, whole worlds in a tiny fragment. Although undecipherable, it was still beautiful in its own way - an expression of bold, colourful, funky, wild, unrestrained rebellion and chaos. 


Welcome to my world of vibrant colour and abstraction - portals, galaxies, montages, fragments…Slow down, look closely and see what you can find!


Cryptogram: Secret code, cipher, cypher


Cryptograph: A coded message, a device for encoding or decoding messages

Graffiti: From the Greek - graphic - meaning “to write”

These images are available in a huge variety of finishes from framed fine art prints to prints on glass.

I can also create a custom design just for you. Click through the gallery to get a feel for the options. 

Copyright applies to these original designs.

Project Rubbish


Tangaroa's Tears (above)

A Korowai constructed from rubbish collected off my local beach in Whititanga

How Long (below)

Photographs of the rubbish collected overlaid on local landscapes shot by me

How Long 2.png

Painting for me is pure joy and at times immense frustration. There is no set 'plan', its me at my most intuitive. I stand in the studio, get the oils diffusing, the music on and ask "what are we doing today?"

Over time the images and messages are revealed to me. My paintings are also the ultimate expression of me letting my "wu wu" side shine super bright. 

They are all for sale and will only leave me, when they have finished their healing work with either me or my clients. 

I often use them to infuse extra sacred geometry, energy, coding and light into healing sessions. 

If you would like to own one, just click on the image and hit the email button or contact me through the regular channels.

Intuitive Creations