In a Lavender Field

A Return to Mother Nature

Many years ago, the earth was our apothecary. 

Now, there is a massive shift happening in the way that people are now choosing to look after their health and the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Its pure - some would say - pure MAGIC... and I mean ACTUALLY 100% proven pure, unadulterated, high vibrational, botanical goodness.


Straight from mother earth to you.


Here to awaken your body to a new way of feeling, here to remind you what true vitality feels like, here to soothe you, to ground you, to calm you, to nurture you back to YOU, your fullest expression. Here to return you to YOUR pure essence so you can be all that you were meant to be.

Here to Awaken you.


Essential oils entered my life five years ago and I instantly knew I had found a missing piece of my health and wellness puzzle -  it was a deep and ancient knowing, almost like a memory of something I had experienced before. 

In our little brown bottles I found support for emotional healing, a way to eliminate harmful toxins from the house, a way to bring my children back to balance, a way for my mum to get a decent night's sleep, a way for my friend's wee boy to breathe a little easier at night, a way for my little girl to find ease for her tummy troubles, a way for my neighbour to move her seized up fingers and SO much more. 

"The greatest medicine of all
is to teach people how not to need it"