Natural Food Flavour

Essential oils and food

When I started to clean up my diet I became a bit of a label ninja. I try to avoid eating and feeding my family foods labelled with words I don't understand and numbers that represent chemicals. Indian spices, lemon juice, salt and pepper and CPTG essential oils are my go to natural additives.

However as I started adding lemon juice to all of my food, I exposed my teeth to the corrosive nature of lemon juice and my dentist cautioned me to dial it back a little. Enter essential oils. Now I could get the flavour burst I wanted without exposure to juice - oils being cold pressed from the rind and nothing to do with juice.

Essential oils for consumption is a hotly debated topic, however you are in fact eating tiny amounts of essential oils in your fruits and vegetables already. This is is course why it is really important to know that your oils are completely pure. When used properly and if your oils are totally 100% pure, it is very safe. Read more here.  A word of caution: not ALL essential oils are suitable for human consumption so always check the label to find our if it is suitable as a food additive.


You also need to remember the strength of essential oils too (60-70% more potent than the herb), a little goes a really long way. A safe way to add oils is to use a toothpick and add parts of a drop at a time. 


The dōTERRA BLOG has an amazing collection of recipes, so be sure to check it out, or check out the many ways I enjoy oils in my food here.