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Deb's Oil Tribe 

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Deb's Oil Tribe:

A dream team soul sister co-creative group who are passionate, committed, capable, determined, motivated, loving, compassionate, planet loving, self healers that have been called to rise up and make a difference in the world. We love dōTERRA and wholeheartedly stand behind all of the company values, which we share. We operate with the highest integrity at all times. We rise above lower vibrations of negativity, drama, gossip and complaining. We give generously with our samples and care deeply about our customers. We honour our own boundaries and care for our health above all else. We are Wellness Warriors here to bring healing, hope, empowerment and new ways of existing to others. Our business tribe is a safe space to support, encourage, learn, share and grow alongside one another in our own unique ways and at our own pace. Our top values are: 

Identity, Sisterhood, Understanding, Support, Belonging, Friendship, Family, Unity, Truth, Love, Creation, Service, Generosity, Awakening, Positivity, Knowledge