Policy & Compliance


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What is Compliance?

If there is ONE thing that you MUST LEARN before you share oils it is this!

We are not permitted to claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. This is taken VERY seriously by dōTERRA and by Deb's Oil Tribe. This does not have to mean you are 'gagged'. Get creative and focus on how people want to FEEL as opposed to focusing on sickness. We always spin 'health challenges' into a positive wellness goal.

Example - a class participant gets a lot of migraines and asks which oil is for her. "Past Tense is a blend that I love to reach for whenever I feel that build up of tension . I just find it so relaxing and soothing especially if you're feeling nauseous or light sensitive."

Follow these guidelines and you will be fine. When you are new its a great idea to use the class handout or the Product Information Pages and Approved Claims List

Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by any food and drug administration.

What about our books?

The Modern Essential and The Essential Life books have been written specific to CPTG oils BUT they are not produced by dōTERRA and you cannot use the information in them in any of your classes or social media promotion of our oils.

You can use them when making blends for people and when you do wellness consults - however I would never read a disease name from the book. Example: someone has breast cancer, she would like some help to compliment her treatments. I say, "Lets see what the book recommends, we can check out the oils and supplements that may support your  body to re-find balance so that it can have the best chance of healing". Note my language - I would not say "these oils will help with your cancer". In any case like this it is a must that your customers seek the advice of their doctors before adding oils to their health plan. Always put the wellbeing of your client first. 


You will see a disclaimer from time to time on this website. I also add a disclaimer to the bottom of any health plan that I email to anyone - remember, they may show it to their doctor and we do not want you to have your account closed or worse - legal action. I have attached one I use, however I have not sought the advice of a lawyer so you may want to do this. 


Never use the word 'anti' anything. For example you may be sharing about Oregano. People will get it if you say "You can apply this under the feet if you are feeling a bit under the weather and it can really bring another layer of protection into your being"


This used to stand for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and you will see this on USA sites of other leaders. Currently in NZ we are permitted to say Certified Pure Tested Grade. This will most likely change once we have finished our process with the TGA.


Please read through and understand the poilcy manual before you engage in the business.