Say Yes to YOU

YOU is a JOURNEY carefully created to bring you home to YOU.

Home to your BODY, home to your SELF. Together we travel on a pathway of discovery to unEARTH the essence of YOU.


YOU is a sacred journey within where you can shift trauma and release blocks so you can fully unleash the life that you desire. 


We blend the subtle realms with mindset shifts and powerful energy work to bring balance to your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. 

This is for the rebel mummas + women that want: health, success, sanity, love, freedom, connection, beauty and magic. 

YES my love you can have it ALL!



What makes THIS program different?

Time and space

Healing and making changes takes courage and time which is why this program has been extended to a 4 month journey. You will have the space to INTEGRATE the change so that it lasts.


I have intentionally created a process that feels safe, nurturing and loving. 


We operate as a small sisterhood and you will find as much wisdom and support in the group as you do with me as well as create new lifelong friendships. 


I am a creative by nature and creativity is woven throughout all of our sessions. You do NOT need to be an artist but using these techniques will help open you up to a new level of self knowledge and self expression. 

Mindset and Magic

I am a Reiki Master and we will be using energetic and spiritual tools throughout but we remain grounded with our real world action for the ultimate result. 


My super power is helping you to transform in a way that is not painful or traumatic. The energy of this course is deep but fun, mysterious yet practical, challenging but caring. I want you to ENJOY this as much as I do!


  • Unearth what is blocking you and remove limiting beliefs - feel lighter and clearer

  • Align your life with your values and EM body this - take aligned action daily with ease

  • Reclaim your time and learn how to put yourself first without guilt - learn to say no

  • Nurture your physical health and create deeper connections to your body - love being IN your body

  • Unleash your creativity energy, imagination and intuition - bring back joy and fun

  • Activate your soul purpose - love the life you are living, launch your soul business


Energy Healing

I am a certified Reiki Master which means I have attained Level 3 and am qualified to heal, teach and attune others to Reiki.


My reiki journey began when I first invested in coaching and healing for myself. I had NO idea that the reason I was struggling so much in life was that I was in fact a highly sensitive empath.


My coach helped me to cut cords with trauma from the past and I had the most powerful shifts that I have ever experienced.


I knew that energy healing was something that I came here to do and share. It has become my main healing modality and a way for me to facilitate powerful change in those that are ready to do so. 

I hold sacred codes of healing that allow me to transmute pain and trauma and return you to your pure essence  - the you that you came here to be NOW!



I have been a student of yoga for over 20 years.

I have taught Les Mills Bodybalance and yoga classes for both adults and children as well as a Wellness In Schools program. 

In this my 44 year, I am called to the stillness and magic that can be found in Yin Yoga. This modality is a powerful way to release trapped emotions in the body and unlocked blocked energy flow. 

When we nurture the body we create the home for the healing of the mind and spirit so it is a vital part of what I do. 

Recently I have enjoyed Open Floor movement and love to combine the two in a totally wild and free intuitve combo of ALL of it!

Meditation for me is simple, easy and doable and I love to lead others down this pathway to clarity and self knowledge. 


Essential Oils

Essential oils entered my life several years ago and I instantly knew I had found a missing piece of my health and wellness puzzle -  it was a deep and ancient knowing, almost like a memory of something I had

experienced before. 

In our little brown bottles I found support for emotional healing, a way to eliminate harmful toxins from the house, a way to bring my children back to balance, a way for my mum to get a decent night's sleep and SO much more. 

I was amazed that in one product I had something that could assist root cause healing by dealing with the emotional, physical AND energetic aspects of disharmony in the body.


This is why they are an integral part of my healing practice and this program. 


Mindset + Self Study

In this program you will have access to my incredible library of workbooks to uplevel your mindset, align you with your values, gain clarity on your goals and mission, uplevel your abundance and discover deeper self love. 


All sessions are deliverd via ZOOM. We kick off with a sacred circle on July the 1st 2022 at 7pm NZST. 

We then meet on the following dates at a time that best suits the majority of the group:

  • July 7, 14, 21

  • August 4, 11, 18

  • September 1,8,15

  • October 7, 14, 21


4 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching and healing sessions (Value $1000)

Lifetime access to my library of workbooks, meditations and embodiment videos (Value $1500)

A free essential oils consult and the option to purchase these at wholesale price (Value $250)

As a 1:1 program this course is valued at $3450 plus you get $2750 worth of FREE bonuses.

As a group journey I'm offering this program at $2250 paid in full up front or choose a payment plan:


⟁ YOU ⟁  

Private Coaching Options


FREE online Sacred Circle for women. Find community + inspiration

YOU : Private

4 Months Daily Support via private messenger APP, Tuesday - Friday


1:1 VIP Coaching: All the support plus, 3 Months

4 x 1:1 sessions



So yesterday I had this amazing light feeling of.... the only way I can think to describe it...being in love!

You put me at ease from the first moment and created such a peaceful compassionate safe space that I was able to totally let go in complete trust.


Deb has done the hard yards herself and is able to offer guidance and support that comes from a base of knowledge and experience. Mixed with her considerable skills with energy healing, essential oils, meditation and yoga, Deb creates a safe, nurturing space for you to reconnect with yourself.



Deb creates a place to honour the spiritual side of myself I guess.

It's like returning home to myself each time. Deb is honest and authentic, you don't find yourself feeling she's operating from an unattainable level - she's human and real. The sessions help me to keep my mind open to my potential, remind me to trust my inner voice.