Mountains in Clouds

Transformational Coaching & Healing

The 8 week 1:1 empowerment coaching programme

that is going to radically transform

the way you show up and experience your life.

Can you remember who you were before you were a mum, 

a wife, an entreprenuer?

Do you struggle with busy-ness, distraction, overwork, procrastination?

Are you tired, time poor, overwhelmed or anxious?

Are you tired or battling odd physical complaints that you can't get answers for?

Do you feel like you are not connected to your true life purpose?

Or maybe you are actually SMASHING it but you are ready to up level your LIFE

Calm Sea

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of the above,


you are in the RIGHT place!


Welcome home to




YOU the programme has been lovingly created to bring you ALL of my lifetime(s) of experience, journey work learning and study of health, wellness and healing together to fast track you onto the path that leads back to YOU.

Because you are a unique individual and there is only one of YOU, the programme is tailored to your specific needs. There are workbooks to follow each week  supported by online meditations and webinars if you choose. About 1 hour of your time each week.  

I believe in a holistic approach which based on three pillars: 

1. A strong mindset

2. A healthy body

3. Spiritual connection

I am a Reiki Master, essential oils advocate and yoga practitioner of over 20 years and these tools are my personal unique well being arsenal! Each session is 60 - 90 minutes and together we work through a process to uncover and shift what is blocking you. 

I am super passionate about helping busy mums and soulprenuers rewrite the story of what it means to be mother,

wife, boss babe whilst switching from surviving to thriving. 

I can help you find clarity and calm, improve your physical health and find peace through letting go of the past and creating strong, healthy boundaries to move forward from. 

Mountains in Clouds

What Clients Say

Are you ready to say YES to YOU?

Mountains in Clouds

I am YOU

My own journey has taken me from stressed out, worn out, overwhelmed and disconnected to:

 - calm and happy mum

 - stable mental health

 - deeply emotionally connected

 - feeling like I have "come home"

 - finally able to say I love me

 - know myself and what I stand for

 - awakened artist

 - healed from physical pain

 - overcome emotional trauma

 - powerful energy healer

I have invested many hours, many tears and many dollars in my own healing process. But it has been worth evey moment to finally come out the other side. I have always wanted to help others and now with my signature programme I am able to do that.

I LOVE what I do and I can't wait to share your journey with YOU.

Mountains in Clouds

YOU Modules

Each week you will be given a course workbook to complete in your own time. These form the basis for our sessions together. At least half of the sessions will involve energy healing based upon what has come up during our discussions and also from intuitive guidance that I receive. I use crystals and essential oils to enhance our work. 



  • Lifetime access to course content

  • My library of meditations and wellness webinars

  • Yoga to practice at home

  • An essential oil consult and ZYTO compass scan with holistic lifestyle plan

Mountains in Clouds


Can the course be done online?

Yes, the content can all be accessed online, our calls can be via Zoom and the energy healing can be done from a distance also.

Are there payment plans?

Yes, you can pay by installments. 

I'm worried I don't have enough time?

That's why you need this programme! The workbooks are only about 30 mins out of your week. Part of the learning is to locate and claim the time that you need to look after you and I have a process I can use to show you how I do this.

How do I know if this is right for me?

I have an application process and then we will chat over the phone to check that you and I are the right fit for eachother.