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Can you remember who you were before you were a mum, a business woman,

a wife, an entreprenuer?

Do you struggle with busy-ness, distraction, overwork, procrastination?

Are you tired, time poor, overwhelmed or anxious?

Are you tired, battling hormonal imbalance, pain or gut issues?

Do you feel like you are failing your family?

Or maybe you are just ready to UPlevel your life....

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If you answered "Yes" to any or all of the above,


you are in the RIGHT place!


Welcome home to



The 8 week 1:1 empowerment coaching programme

that is going to radically transform

the way you show up and experience your life.

YOU the programme has been lovingly created to bring you ALL of my lifetime(s) of experience, journey work learning and study of health, wellness and healing together to fast track you onto the path that leads back to YOU.

I have called this coaching experience YOU because the aim is for you to return to YOU. Because you are a unique individual and there is only one of YOU, the programme is tailored to your specific needs. 


All the modules involve workbooks and techniques that you can take home to make immediate changes. I believe in a holistic approach which encompasses physical health, spiritual connection, emotional healing and a strong mindset.

Once you have RE placed yourself back at the front and centre of  your life, then your soul's true path will unfold effortlessly in ways that you or I cannot even imagine just yet. You just need to step out of your own way and I can show you how!

I am super passionate about helping busy mums and soulprenuers rewrite the story of what it means to be mother,

wife, boss babe whilst switching from surviving to thriving. 

I can help you up level your business, your relationships, your energy and your bank account!



4 Reiki Sessions included in your 1:1s

Lifetime access to course content PLUS my library of meditations, yoga and recipes

An essential oil consult and ZYTO compass scan with holistic lifestyle plan

Are you ready to say YES to YOU?

Your Investment in YOU

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